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Artworks can be transformed into book covers. For more information, contact me here.

Premade Covers

Affordable high quality premade covers ready to become yours!

Browse through a diverse range of premades by clicking on the cover to see it in full view and use your left and right arrow keys to navigate through the covers.


When you purchase a premade cover, the default title and author name will be replaced with your book title and name. But if you find a cover you like but doesn't exactly fit your novel just yet, you can have minor changes to the default premade cover and make it fit your book. These small changes are done with no additional costs.

Minor changes include:

     ●   Font and colour style of the title and author name
     ●   Eye colour of the character
     ●   Hair colour
     ●   Overall colour
     ●   Background change (e.g. replacing a forest background to a city background)
     ●   Removing aspects from the default cover
     ●   Add small items or aspects into the cover (e.g. feathers, rose petals, magic dust or lightning)

If you have something else you would like to change but it's not on the list, feel free to ask me.


1. Is a premade cover sold again to another author?
No. Each premade cover is only sold once so it will never be sold again.

2. How much is a premade print cover?
A print cover of your chosen premade cover is an additional $50.

3. Can I order a print cover for a premade later on?
Yes, you can! Whenever you're ready let me know and I'll walk you through the process to order a print cover.

4. What are the dimensions of a premade eBook cover?
     ●   Dimensions: 1875 x 3000 px
     ●   Resolution: 320 dpi
     ●   Image format: JPG or PDF

5. Can I order a premade cover and turn it into a book series?
Yes, definitely! Just let me know that you would like the premade cover to be a book series and I'll be sure to keep the designs, for the next book covers, to be consistent with the first book.

6. How many rounds of revisions does a premade cover have?
A premade cover has 2 rounds of revisions after the first draft. If you need more, let me know!

7. Can I order a Facebook cover, Twitter banner or website banner for my premade cover?
Yes. Let me know which banner you would like to order.


Interested in one of the premade covers?

Simply order the premade cover and the cover will be under your name for 3 days. During this time, I'll contact you for an upfront payment before changes can be made to the cover. However if you do not reply, within 3 days, the premade cover will be up for sale again.

The price of the premade covers depend on their complexity. If you would like to know the specs (e.g. how many stock images were used in a premade cover) then feel free to contact me here.

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